Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letra I/Short I sound

This is our circle map for the letter I.  Again we are just listing words that begin with the letter not the sound. I introduce the new letter on Monday and we continue to add words to it through Friday.  As the students are reading their leveled books or during one of my read-alouds they might hear a new word that begins with that letter. They very quickly make a mental note of it and the next day they are quick to remember to add it.  I also expose them to new vocabulary when I go over our weekly goals which they are now very good at picking up on.  For example;  "Es importante no interrumpir la maestra" "Vamos a aprender interesante informacion sobre el Dia de los Muertos", "ustedes son los estudiantes mas inteligentes de toda nuestra escuela".  I get a great joy from seeing my students access these charts later when they are writing during our writers workshop.

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