Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spanish Sight Word Books

Wow! It's been a while since I posted. I've been so busy trying out new forums, but finally I've decided I enjoy blogging. So today I am here to introduce my latest creation.  These are sight word readers that focus on a letter of the alphabet while introducing a sight word that starts with that letter as well. They are easy to read and build with more vocabulary as you get deeper into the alphabet. I am creating them in the order of how phonics is taught if you teach using the Estrellitas model. Please give me some feedback and let me know if there are any changes I can make. Presently they are available as a single book. But as soon as all of the letters are done I will be offering them as a bundle.
My students love the original illustrations and use them often to find the words the words when they are writing. I hole punch the books and put them in a ring for them to keep at their desk as a resource as well as something for them to read when they are finished with their work. I also printed a full color version of each and laminated and put in my writing center for easy know for those kids that don't know where their book is or simply ripped it and threw it away. Love my kinders.
Please click on the link to find these books in my TPT store.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

St. Patricks Day Spanish Math Word Problems

Once again I created some additional math resources I use with my students to address common core standards but with a St. Patricks day theme. These are addition and subtraction word problems for students to solve using pictures, tally marks and number sentences. Meets common core standards for operations and algebraic thinking. All in Spanish of course. There are a total of 12 word problems.
 They are available at my tpt store,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Magazine Review

We started our expository text features study this month. In order to facilitate this study our school bought Time for Kids for all of our first grade classes. Yay!!! But of course I wasn't happy just having my students read them and learn all about the features of expository text. I decided to put these magazines at a center and have my students do a review of what they learned from this magazine. I have a new magazine every week for them to use. I plan on using this again next year by keeping one copy of each of these magazines and having it laminated.  The best thing about this review is that it can cover about 5 of the common core standards for Informational text.

There are two forms. The first one is simple for kids who need more support.  Students predict what they will learn, draw a picture of one fact they are taught through the reading and draw a picture.
The second form asks students to predict, share the title of two articles and state one fact they learned from each article.
So far my students have become experts at identifying headings, captions, photographs and diagrams.
You can purchase a copy of the packet at my tpt store by clicking on the link....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Common Core Checklist

Wow!! I've been searching through Google for a common core checklist and I found these great resources. It's a great way to keep track of what standards I have taught and retaught as well as assessed. If your like me and want to make sure to keep track of what you are teaching, this would be a great tool to have.  They have a checklist for Language Arts as well as Math..........wait for it.........wait for ALL GRADES!!

 You can download a copy of their checklist for free at their website
 But hold I perused their website I found they had so many other wonderful resources! Take a moment of time to explore their site. You too might fall in love with it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spanish Math Word Problems

Here are some additional math resources I use with my students to address common core standards. These are addition and subtraction word problems for students to solve using pictures, tally marks and number sentences. Meets common core standards for number and operations in base ten as well as operations and algebraic thinking. All in Spanish ofcourse.

They are available for download at my tpt store

Common Core Aligned Spanish Valentine Math Prompts

Here are some new common core aligned math word problems in Spanish. There are a total of 11 prompts. I use these during the beginning of the month of February.  If you do one a day beginning on the first you could be done with them by Valentines.
 I always start by modeling for them how to illustrate the problem, how to write out a word problem and in the end how to explain their thinking. I gradually move them into doing these independently as an end of unit journal prompt.
You can download these at my tpt store

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daily Calendar Work in Spanish

This is a simple page I use with my students to teach them how to read the calendar as well as how to use tally marks, base ten blocks and learn about place value. After modeling for my students a couple of times and then guiding them through it they are now able to do it independently. I place the blank copies at the entrance of our class and right after lunch as they walk in they grab a sheet and begin to work on it while I prep our math lesson. It takes them about five to ten minutes to complete. The great thing about it is that by the time I start to teach place value or base ten blocks my students are already familiar with it. Just in case your wondering it is aligned to common core.

 You can purchase this at my TPT store just click on the link