Sunday, March 3, 2013

Magazine Review

We started our expository text features study this month. In order to facilitate this study our school bought Time for Kids for all of our first grade classes. Yay!!! But of course I wasn't happy just having my students read them and learn all about the features of expository text. I decided to put these magazines at a center and have my students do a review of what they learned from this magazine. I have a new magazine every week for them to use. I plan on using this again next year by keeping one copy of each of these magazines and having it laminated.  The best thing about this review is that it can cover about 5 of the common core standards for Informational text.

There are two forms. The first one is simple for kids who need more support.  Students predict what they will learn, draw a picture of one fact they are taught through the reading and draw a picture.
The second form asks students to predict, share the title of two articles and state one fact they learned from each article.
So far my students have become experts at identifying headings, captions, photographs and diagrams.
You can purchase a copy of the packet at my tpt store by clicking on the link....

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