Wednesday, November 16, 2011

50 Days of School Schema

Tomorrow we will be celebrating our 50th day of school. It also happens that we have just begun to learn about place my first grade team and I thought it would be great to celebrate our 50th day by having a 50's theme math day. We will be counting by 5's, 10's making tally marks, as well as necklaces made out or froot loops and cheerios. I also purchased a 50's mini math unit by Cara Carroll from TPT to use. I love the student book that they get to create all about the number 50. 
You can find it by clicking on the link
Our students were also given an assignment to bring in 50 objects from home. They could be 50 of the same objects or groups of 10.   We created a rubric to assess both the English Language production as well as the math concept of groups of ten.
We also decided to align it to our social studies standards of how people, communities and cultures change throughout time. So our students were also given the assignment of researching how children dressed in the 50s and were given the option of coming to school dressed in that style.  I know my first grade partners and I will be dressed....I'll post the pictures tomorrow.  
When I was thinking of creating my schema chart for this unit my team partner came up with the idea of making a record.  This is what it looks like. I used wax crayons to do the writing on the black butcher paper. It really does stand out in person....the picture just doesn't do it justice. The only drawback with this is that my students had no clue what a record was? Really...they said it was a dvd!  I'm bringing in a real record tomorrow to show them how this one thing has changed over time but it has also stayed the same. I just wish I had a record player to play it on.

Today we celebrated our 50th day! My young ladies all came in beautiful poodle skirts and my young men were all greasers. I'll post some pics of them next week after all the signatures are in.  As for one of the assignments my students had to went well. They all brought in 50 items that they had grouped into groups of ten.  We used this presentation as evidence for both math and ELD. Here are just a few of the objects my students were able to group into groups of ten.

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