Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dual Language Thanksgiving

In order to prepare my Thanksgiving lessons I wanted to get a feel of what my students already knew about  this holiday. I came up with the idea to create a Thanksgiving Turkey Schema chart and had two of our first grade special ed. paraprofessionals put this turkey together for us. The students loved it so much they didn't want me to write on him.... So I took their schema and wrote it on paper which I will glue on to Pancho el Pavo (the name my students gave him). I'll post the new picture of what it looks like on Monday.

     I want to teach my students the story of how the pilgrims arrived and have them be able to retell it. I found an English Poem on Dr. Jeans site that would be perfect. The students build a bracelet as they learn each stanza of the poem. It's a great way for them to later retell the story of Thanksgiving to their family by just touching each of the beads to help them remember.
      Being that I am in a dual language classroom I would love to have this poem in Spanish so I translated it. Okay my honey translated it for me and I just changed a couple of lines.  If you're familiar with this poem you'll notice that I changed the ending so that it would make sense in Spanish. I also found the beads at Walmart for only $5.00. I'm going to try and have them use yarn instead of the pipe cleaner. I'll just have my students tie a knot after each bead to keep it in place. I'll post pictures of my students bracelets by Wednesday.

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  1. Excellent! I am a bilingual first grade teacher and I am always searching for "out of the box" and nontraditional ideas to teach concepts. I will keep this idea and use it next year.