Sunday, November 6, 2011

Buddy Reading Center

I have a Buddy Reading center where my students self select books in either Spanish or English. One student reads to the other. Then they use the wheel to start a discussion about one of the topics in the language of the book. Once done they switch and the partner takes their turn reading their book followed by a new discussion. This allows for my students to read books at their level rather then previously selected books by me. The students use a clothespin to select what they want to talk about. If you sit and record what they are discussing this conversation can be used for ELD.  I've also used this wheel with my parents. It's useful for those parents who only read Spanish. I explain it during back to school and send it home so that my students have multiple opportunities to have meaningful dicussions about literature both in the classroom and at home.  It's available for sale on my TPT. Just click on the link. Enjoy!!

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