Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bilingual Center Tracking Sheet

I was originally using a 20 min. rotation to move my students from center to center. But I found that some of my students needed more time at certain centers or were finishing some a lot quicker. So I created this tracking sheet that my students can use to self-select what centers they would go to. They can move from center to center on their own so long as they don't go over the amount of students allowed at each center.  Some of my centers have paper work that my students have to complete such as a response to literature at the listening center.....a writing piece at the writing center etc. They have to turn in all this completed work by recess on a reward those that have completed all centers get to participate in art time...those that made bad choices continue finishing their work during art. The first week I implemented this I only had 2 students miss out on art. Since then all of my students complete all the work as well as make sure to spend time in all the centers. It's a great tool to teach them accountability for their own learning as well as time management.  It's available on my TPT for free! Just click on my link.

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