Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guided Reading Data wall

We use guided reading as our way to differentiate reading to meet the needs of our students. One of the things we must have is a data wall showing what level each student is reading at. I've seen some creative ones in other classrooms but what I found was that in the Dual language classrooms teachers had to create two walls, one for the Spanish and one for the English. So I put on my thinking cap on and came up with this idea of how to have the level change but not have to have two data walls!  I created a neighborhood including a library, school and of course homes.  Each student is in a car which I purchased from Lakeshore. Then I took their pics and cut them out to fit inside the window.
Each tire shows their reading level. The red tire shows their Spanish reading level and the blue tire
shows their English reading level. As they move up in
levels we just add a new tire. My data board doesn't
change....other than my students adding new buildings. They are presently working on adding a
park to our neighborhood which they so nicely pointed out was missing from our neighborhood!
I love my students. This is also a good way for my parents as well as my administrator to get a quick view of where my students are currently working at. On the left side of our board is also posted the grade level appropriate goal so that my students know what they are working towards.  They are constantly asking what they have to do to move up in level because they all want to be at level I which is the end of first grade goal. I'll post a pic of what it looks like once we have added our trees, park and the rest of the neighborhood.

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