Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reading Strategies

Yay! I finished.....I finally finished.
I've been using these reading strategies with my students all year but I've been so wanting to have them in Spanish. Working in a Dual Language classroom they are so necessary. We survived without them, but now that I have them, what a difference they make. My students now have a visual to help them make that connection with the strategy that we are using. If you use reading strategies during your read alouds, or during your guided reading....these cards are a must!
I made a total of 10, Visualizar, Recontar, Conexiones, Hacer Preguntas, Conocimiento Previo, Evaluación, Inferir, Resumir, y Síntesis.  You can find them at my TPT Store now. Did I say Yay yet?

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