Thursday, April 12, 2012


WOW!!     My blog has been rated a "TOP 10". Being new to blogging I wasn't expecting this but I am so thankful that some of you out there are enjoying my posts. Thank you to Jessica Hubble at Glitzy in 1st Grade for awarding me with the TOP 10 AWARD. I am so excited and motivated that I want to blog even more,,, maybe even on a daily basis.  Okay....that's not realistic so I am going to try for at least once a week. Again, thank you Jessica for the award.
   Here are my top ten:
Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog
Mommy Maestra
Dual Kinder Teacher
First Grade Wow
F is For First Grade
First Grade Parade
I Teach Dual Langauge
Teaching in High Heels
First Grade Blue Skies
First Grade Fanatics 

Be sure and check them out. They all have great ideas to share.


  1. Thanks, Susana, for including Mommy Maestra in your Top 10!

    Un abrazo...

  2. Awww shucks! Thanks Susana for thinking of me :)
    Dual Kinder Teacher

  3. BTW, I sent you an email, let me know if you need anything else :)